Team Pass
Gemstone '22 researchers at the University of Maryland
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Passwords are insecure and outdated. We're here to fix that.

The Problem

Passwords are used to authenticate users for countless online services, but they are both insecure and inconvenient in many ways. Alternatives such as graphical passwords and biometrics exist, but they have their shortcomings as well. As society becomes more dependent on authentication to access the growing number of online services, more secure solutions must be developed to meet the growing need.

How do we design an authentication scheme that is more secure, usable, and deployable than traditional passwords?

Our Mission

We strive to develop a solution to user authentication that is both convenient and secure for the user. Our primary focus is a software solution that will be available online, but hardware solutions will also be considered. Through our work, we hope to create an authentication scheme that is more secure than traditional passwords, yet just as convenient.